Examination Methodology

The school follows a multi media approach for teaching including :
1) Self instructional Material.
2) Counselling sessions
3) Practical / project work
4) Written Assignments.

• Weekly assessment test & Semester wise examination to drill the students in best possible manner for achieving marks of distinction. The evaluation of the candidates performance depends upon various Co- curricular activities in which they participate. A candidate is required to submit assignments that are compulsory before their term end examination.

• The examinations are conducted in a periodic manner. Class IX and XI examinations shall be conducted internally by the school themselves. The Board will conduct the external examinations at the end of Class X and XII.

• The school conducts assessment of theory and practical papers in internal subjects depending upon the nature of the subject. Letter grades are provided to students which are added in the board examinations.

• The school considers the best-fitted exam style for achieving its goal. Thorough research of the students’ knowledge, memory, cognitive skill and analytical power assist the teachers to make them achieve best possible result.

• Arranged time-tables and routine classes enable the students to reach a height of excellence. Blended approach, incorporating continuous assessment will give a better picture of the student's overall ability in a module.

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