After the school doubt clearing session

The first thing a child learns is not in a classroom, then why should their school years be spent learning only inside classes? St. Peter’s School makes the learning experience go beyond the boundaries of the class. Everything that is worth learning is not instructional, to be taught from one teacher to a specific group of students. Learning is not a linear progression, rather a process which depends heavily upon conditions outside the class. St. Peter’s recognises the values of developing social etiquette and their skills in personal presentation. The development of such values is as important as the academic furtherance of children, and they are key instruments in determining the success of the child outside school. Social skills and values provide children with the ability to compete in the fast-paced world of employment and education, which they’ll enter as soon as they leave schools. St. Peter’s School hence prepares them for entering the professional world. Students are made aware of the fact that as they are a part of the society, there are some responsibilities they have towards it too. They are taught their obligations towards society and how to adjust themselves in a social order as well. In addition to that, St. Peter’s School recognises that the worth of a student is not just his or her academic track record. Because the learning process is never over, after-school doubt clearing sessions are also provided to students, all free of cost. The structure of the assessment system is carefully constructed to ensure best, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Students are engaged in theoretical and practical evaluation to test their skills.

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